JenCon Builders chose Code Fusion to build a modern operational system that was able to fully encompass their business process and provide the efficiency required for growth into a major industry leader in the Southeast.

Project Overview

Since 1996, JenCon Builders has specialized in all areas of modern commercial and industrial construction. From office build-outs to restaurant renovation and commercial construction, JenCon established itself as a leader in the Charlotte market. As the team’s long-term goals began to expand, JenCon Builders chose Code Fusion to build a modern operational system that met their needs without the a profit-based system cost structure, which is the standard for that industry.

An Industry-Leading Custom Application

Our development team worked with the employees of JenCon Builders to understand the challenges they face each day, and where other systems failed to perform. With a true understanding of a JenCon employee’s workflow, Code Fusion’s application developers identified new ways that technology could simplify daily tasks to save the team time and resources on every project. JenCon immediately had significant cost savings through streamlining communication and cutting project management time. This allowed them to grow their business by 38% after the application deployment by Code Fusion, and it continues to grow every year.

Building the Future of Business

Utilizing a growth focused approach to application development, Code Fusion continues to work alongside the team at JenCon to drive efficiency, build new technologies, and support workers on job sites with cutting edge solutions designed around their needs. As we continue to work together, the projections and reporting from their new application show that the future for JenCon Builders is looking bright for the already incredible team serving clients across North Carolina.