– Client Problem –
During intake/onboarding a lot of duplicate data entry
Manual spin up of entities in 365 (teams channels, sharepoint folders, etc)
Tedious intake and setup process for new clients


– Technologies Used –
Microsoft Power Automate


– Solution/End Result –
We setup a Microsoft Form for Parton to collect intake data on clients “Client Intake Form”
Form is submitted. All necessary resources for that client are automatically created in SharePoint and Teams. (Specific client teams channel, SharePoint file and specific folders including adding standard document templates to the folders, the client is added to a global client list and correspondence via Outlook is automated internally to Parton)

Discovery meeting (input in the Intake Form) is added to Outlook Calendar as well


– Outlook Rules/Integration with SharePoint –
We also setup rules in Outlook for their internal employees to follow. Any time a client emails over a file, they can send the file as an attachment to a specified email and note in the subject a series of numbers to determine which folder the file should be placed inside of sharepoint. This saves the team countless hours of searching manually in sharepoint to find the correct file/folder to save client documents to